Initial Allegations


A letter of concern presenting a detailed list of allegations to the Christian Academy in Japan, along with a list of Signatories, can be found on the password-protected Progress Reports page. If you attended Christian Academy in Japan, were a staff person of CAJ, or you were a member of one of the sponsoring missions and you were involved with CAJ, you can sign up for a personal log-in here.

The letter of concern indicates that there are 66 cases of abuse known to the Abuse Survivors Support Group, with alleged offenders and alleged victims who come from several different missions.

Allegations that have been brought forward include abuse by several faculty members, including sexual abuse against both male and female children. Allegations are expected to include accounts of  harsh punishment; dorm neglect; faculty/dorm parent failure; student bullying, violence, and sexual assault; and other serious issues with the school environment. Accounts will likely include stories of long-term effects on students, including despair, suicides, substance abuse, and long-term emotional problems.

More detailed information can be found on the Progress Reports page.