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How you handle an allegation of misconduct will define your workplace either as a place where the innocent are protected or where their rights are trampled on. 

Protect the innocent

Protect those in your care with an investigation focused on the truth and healing.

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Protect the Innocent

Investigations not only serve to root out misconduct, but when handled well they deter would-be and repeat offenders

Seek the Truth

Investigations focused on the truth response communicate that you care for employees.

Bring Justice and Healing

Those who may have been harmed need their stories to be heard in order to heal. Investigations not only bring justice, they are a critical part of this heaing process.

We Lead Investigations

You need investigators who understand that protecting your organization means protecting your members and helping to heal those who may have been harmed. Telios approaches investigations with a holistic, trauma-informed approach that not only seeks justice and healing but protects your organization’s higher calling.

  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Workplace violence
  • Inappropriate conduct
  • Toxic abuse of power
  • Child abuse (either when child protective services or law enforcement cannot be involved for jurisdictional reasons or to handle the employment and discipline issues that arise)
Protect the innocent

Next Steps


Speak with our team to set up an initial consultation where we can define the scope of the investigation and begin the document request process. 


Plan the investigation including scheduling interviews, travel, and reviewing documents.


Conduct interviews and review evidence. Depending on the investigation, preliminary interviews may require additional follow-up.


Conclude the investigation with findings summarized in a master report and summary report as well as statements of findings, apologies, and ongoing support for potential victims.

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Best Practices

Best practices in investigations are important for these reasons:

  • Victims must have their complaints heard and taken seriously
  • The accused must be treated with a fair process
  • Common investigative mistakes must be avoided
  • The organization must act fairly towards all without creating unnecessary legal liability
  • Organizational culture must remain healthy, with trust that misconduct will be addressed vigorously without partiality or retaliation and that any needed cultural changes will be made.

Regular and Prompt Updates

Stakeholders in large investigations occasionally require regular progress updates. Telios Investigations can facilitate those through this website. This site also features resources and information about investigations in general.

One of the first things Telios Investigations will discuss with clients is the scope of the investigation. In some cases, this means recommending a low-level internal investigation. In other instances, Telios Investigations supervises teams of investigators of historic child abuse covering a broad scope of time and geography. For significant employment investigations, Telios Law attorneys will do the investigating. Choices depend on the type of allegation, available skill sets within the organization, and the importance of independence.

To discuss allegations and ensure a best practice response, call, or have your attorney call us.

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