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Christian Academy in Japan (Closed)

Welcome to the informational page for the Christian Academy in Japan independent investigation into historical allegations of child abuse. Allegations have been made that children were abused in CAJ’s past. (See Initial Allegations page)


Updates: November 14, 2022

Organizational Apologies Following the CAJ Survivor's Retreat

Last week, we held the CAJ Survivors’ Retreat. CAJ and mission reps, and alumni survivors and their support people, met in two different tracks in two different hotels. Ruth Van Reken, a well-known MK advocate and Tim Sanford, an adult MK and therapist who specializes in trauma and attachment issues, facilitated the survivors’ track.

On Wednesday afternoon, the school and missions reps joined the survivors and their supporters for a session, facilitated by one of the CAJ alumni, where survivors told their stories and read statements (some from those absent). The school and missions reps then had the opportunity to respond. They apologized on behalf of the organizations. Those apologies can be found below. They also knelt down, Japanese-style, and apologized to the survivors in humility.

Those present from both sides said they found this experience profoundly moving.

Click here to read: Written Notes on Verbal Apologies at CAJ Retreat


Announcement on Counseling

One of the recommendations made by the Review Panel in the CAJ Investigation, and also a request from alumni/survivors, was for a counseling fund for the healing of those who have been abused, sexually or otherwise, by an employee or volunteer with the Christian Academy in Japan. This fund has been put in place by CAJ and the Sponsoring Organizations involved (One Mission Society, Resonate, Serve Globally, TEAM, and World Venture) and is ready to be accessed.

Telios Law has been asked to coordinate this fund. We encourage you to reach out to us at

Here is a brief overview of how the process works for setting up psychological counseling:

The survivor selects a licensed therapist and sends the contact information for the therapist to Carole Gandera at Telios will reach out to the therapist to work through the process of evaluating credentials. Therapists will provide information about their expertise and practice and provide a copy of their license and malpractice insurance.

Unless there are concerns with qualifications, we then authorize 25 individual or group psychotherapy sessions. If after six months of consistent therapy, the therapist believes more sessions are needed, the therapist gives further information and a proposed treatment plan.

Throughout the process, any personal information provided is carefully kept with Telios Law and is not provided to anyone else, including CAJ or the Sponsoring Organizations.

To begin the process, or get more details, please reach out to Carole at



To date, the following organizations are jointly sponsoring the independent investigation:

  • Christian Academy of Japan
  • TEAM
  • WorldVenture
  • ECC-Serve Globally
  • Resonate Global Mission
  • One Mission Society

The sponsoring organizations have commissioned this investigation to:

  • Seek truth with transparency;
  • Make sure that potential victims are addressed and treated justly;
  • Hold accountable those who have offended;
  • Hold accountable leaders who are culpable; and
  • Provide information to the missions to improve their child safety process.

The sponsoring organizations will cooperate with the investigation, provide documents, and receive a child safety report from the investigation. They will also take action internally, based on investigative findings.

The investigation seeks to ascertain whether the allegations of abuse can be substantiated by a preponderance of the evidence. In addition, the following questions should be explored:

  • Did personnel with CAJ or with the missions know about these allegations?
  • If so, when did they know about them?
  • What did they do about them?
  • Was there any attempt to cover up allegations?

The investigation will investigate all allegations of child abuse to the level of reasonable suspicion, but findings will be made to a preponderance of the evidence.

Whether or not allegations can be substantiated, the investigation will identify possible ways to approach responsibility, provide healing, and remedy abuse.

If you or someone you know was a victim or witness of child abuse, please reach out to us through the Contact Form or call the number provided below and leave a message.

(855) 748-4201